The official press release from Athens Citizens Development Committee

This Press Release  is to announce the formation of a new Citizens group called the “Athens Citizens Development Committee”. This Committee is comprised of Town and Village residents of Athens, Greene County, who are concerned about the impact of the power line proposals which will directly affect Athens. These proposals are in response to the Governor’s Energy Highway Blueprint.

The mission of the Athens Citizens Development Committee is to maintain and protect the existing quality of life in Athens. To ensure that development occurs in a appropriate manner and is compatible with the small town identity of the community while contributing substantially to the economic base.

The Committee is concerned with the five proposals before the NYS Public Service Commission which would affect Athens. These proposals are from:

  • West Point Partners, LLC
  • North American Transmission
  • NextEra Energy Transmission
  • New York Transmission Owners
  • Boundless Energy NE

The Committee recognizes that the Town and Village of Athens has filed for party status with the Public Service Commission for the above proposals. However, the most invasive proposal is from West Point Partners, LLC which would result in a buried DC line that would negatively impact the residential and historic district in the Village of Athens.  The Committee asks that the Town and Village of Athens pass a resolution against the proposal by West Point Partners, LLC.

There remains a concern about the lack of information given to the public on the above projects. The Committee would like a concise and transparent model of all five proposals from the NYS Public Service Commission. Due to the amount of confusion with regard to the above projects, the Committee requests that the Public Service Commission holds a public meeting in Athens to explain in detail the cumulative impact of all of the above proposals.

Dated: November 18, 2013 by the Athens Citizens Development CommitteeImage


4 thoughts on “The official press release from Athens Citizens Development Committee

  1. hi! thank you for your concern in putting this organization together and i look forward to further developments. nothing makes me happier than a fully informed public, and protecting and further restoring the historic nature of the village is of paramount importance. i do have a question though-if we are not yet fully informed, how do we know that burying power lines will have a negative effect? the signs seem emphatic, but should we take that stance? what if, for example, the proposal for burying power lines comes with great financial benefit to the village? tax benefits to all? grants for historic home improvements? budgets for tree planting? beautifully smooth pavement on every street? what if it means that athens could also broker a deal to have the current overhead power buried, freeing the streets of the predominant eyesore of towering power poles and lines, and allowing trees to grow on both sides of the streets? that would be a huge plus, and restoring more of the feeling our forefathers had in designing the town, ( pictures of the streets before the power lines were put in are achingly beautiful!) not to mention a greatly reduced fear of losing power during high winds and ice storms…hudson had the foresight to do this decades ago. sleepy hollow was designed with this in mind, and survives quite well with all services running underground. i am just putting these things out there as positive alternatives-i have no way of knowing anything one way or another, but i do know that we as athenians could be in a great bargaining position to make things turn out for the benefit of our community-have our cake and eat it too. naturally these things need to be handled diplomatically, and i have full faith in our elected officials to keep abreast of developments, do their research, keep us all informed, and to keep an ear open to the concerns of the citizenry. i am sure appropriate prompting from residents can only help, not hinder, and together we’ll get the best result possible. all best, geoff howell

    • Hi Geoff
      You are correct in saying residential power lines should be buried in a planned development such as sleepy hollow lake. It would also be great to bury the power lines across the River. This proposal from West Point Partners is not for this at all. There will be no lines buried for the residents of Athens. This is not a residential line – it is a high voltage DIRECT CURRENT line to relieve the congestion to Indian Point with six foot concrete bunkers through the village. Little benefit to the Village except for some unknown monetary benefit.

      Andrea Smallwood

      • Geoff,
        You say, and I quote ” I have full faith in our elected officials to keep abreast of developments, do their research, keep us all informed, and keep an ear open to the concerns of the citizenry.” All I can say is “WOW” please, after you talk to them, let me know all the information they have given you about developments, about all the research they have done, and how they have kept us all so informed, and what a “huge open ear” they have for the citizens of Athens. I don’t know you Geoff, but in all due-respect its quite obvious you know nothing about this.

        Ralph Favicchio

  2. on the off chance that anyone reads my comment above that i left last december, i just wanted to update it. based on the hearing this past wednesday, i now know that there is absolutely no benefit, and conversely, complete ruin to be had for athens and the surrounding areas if any of these poorly thought out and self serving plans by the power companies come to be, thank you for for all you have done to make others aware, and to keep vigil over the goings on!
    i will spread the word as well to make sure everyone who can, will write a letter to the psc. thanks andrea and ralph for your reply’s!

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