ACDC Sends Letter To Governor Cuomo



                                                                                                January 20, 2014

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
                                                                                Re:         West Point Partners LLC
                                                                                                Case Number 13-T-0292

Dear Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo,

                We are writing to you as a Citizens’ Committee against the proposed West Point Partners LLC project.    This project is being reviewed by the NYS Public Service Commission (Case Number 13-T-0292) in response to your request for proposals under your New York State Energy Highway Blueprint.

                Attached to this letter is our previous correspondence to the NYS Public Service Commission with regard to West Point Partners, LLC.   The application by West Point Partners does very little to relieve the congestion downstate.    It also does not adhere to the goal of locating within state owned or existing transmission right of ways, as stated in your 2014 State of the State Address:   “Let’s incentivize smart projects that locate within state owned or existing transmission right of ways so that they are not interfering or spreading into local communities and lets offer those smart projects and expedited approval process which will cut the time from two years to ten months if they do it smart. It is a win-win for upstate which needs the economic growth and its rate payers for downstate New York.”

                The West Point project route cuts through local communities and historic residential areas both in Athens,   New York and at their southern location in Buchanan, New York.  It also locates converter stations in local community residential and open space parcels.






Page Two                                                                                                                            January 20, 2014


                We understand the need for relieving congestion downstate.  However, West Point Partners LLC simply does not meet that goal.  We ask that you review our correspondence and visit our website and facebook pages for more information.

                Thank you for the work you are doing for New York State.   We hope that you honor your State of the State message and prevent West Point Partners as it is not a smart project that meets with your Energy Highway blueprint goals for energy economic growth.



                                                                                                Athens Citizens Development Committee
                                                                                                37 North Vernon Street
                                                                                                Athens, New York  12015
                                                                                                518 945-2524
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Below find the latest letter by ACDC to the New York State Public Service Commission on the AC transmission applications and West Point Partners. 


wpp – acdc letter 2

ACDC Informational Meeting December 12th, 2013

ACDC hosted an informational meeting at the American Legion Hall on Thursday, December 12th in Athens.



December 12, 2013

On November 30, 2012, the NYS Public Service Commission began a first of its kind proceeding to solicit formal proposals from current transmission owners and other potential developers of new transmission lines in the heavily congested pathways linking upstate and central New York with the Lower Hudson Valley and New York City.  The PSC issued an Order on April 18, 2013 establishing a competitive Article VII process for consideration of alternatives to provide the 1000 MW of desired upgrades, calling for initial applications to be filed in October 2013 in response to the Governor’s Energy Highway blueprint’s call for investing $1 billion to develop 1,000 MW of new alternating current transmission capability, with preference for projects built along existing rights-of-way  or involving the upgrade of existing lines to mitigate environment impacts.  Easing the current transmission constraints will enhance system reliability and supply diversity and will provide significant economic and environmental benefits by permitting excess power from upstate sources to reach downstate areas of greatest need.


Below are the five cases before the NYSPSC (*Case No. 13-E-0488, includes all overhead AC transmission lines):

Case No.



13-T-0292 West Point Partners Direct 320 kV Direct Current Underground Buried Cable  from Leeds to Buchanan NY
*13-T-0455/56 NextEra 345kV overhead transmission lines – Marcy to Pleasant Valley and Oakdale to Fraser
*13-T-0454 North American Transmission Line 345kV overhead transmission lines – New Scotland to Leeds to Pleasant Valley
*13-M-0457 NY Transmission Owners 345kV overhead transmission lines from Edic to Pleasant Valley and Oakdale to Fraser
13-T-0461 Boundless Energy Reconductor 345kV from Leeds Path West to Roseton


For more information or to comment on these projects:

Visit NYS Public Service Commission website, Type in the desired Case# and follow instructions under that Case# to comment.

Comments via post: Hon Kathleen Burgess/NYSPSC/Empire State Plaza/Agency Bldg 3/ Albany, NY 12223-1350. Comments via telephone: Hon Kathleen Burgess: (518) – 474 – 6530 or call the comment line, 1 – (800) – 335 – 2120 and mention the case#.

West Point Partners (most invasive): Bury a direct high current underground line from the Leeds substation through the Village of Athens. Path would leave Flats Extension road, head N on Leeds-Athens Road, E on Second Street, N on Vernon Street and E on Union Street, N on State Route 385 to the Peckham site,  then underground in the Hudson River to Buchanan, NY.

NextEra (2nd in impact): Install additional overhead lines next to the present existing transmission lines in Athens.

Potential negative consequences: In addition to negative scenic impacts, lower property values, eminent domain, disrupted travel, injury risk.

Among the attendees at the Informational Meeting on December 12th was Mayor Chris Pfister and Town Supervisor-Elect Joseph Iraci.

The Village of Athens passed a resolution at their Board Meeting held on December 11th, 2013  against the preferred route of West Point Partners.


The  Mayor of Athens has made available copies of the NYS Public Service Commission Review Process which can be obtained at the Village of Athens offices at Two First Street, Athens, New York.

For an audio of the recent NYS Public Service Commission meeting which was held at their offices on Monday, December 9th regarding the AC applications visit:



The official press release from Athens Citizens Development Committee

This Press Release  is to announce the formation of a new Citizens group called the “Athens Citizens Development Committee”. This Committee is comprised of Town and Village residents of Athens, Greene County, who are concerned about the impact of the power line proposals which will directly affect Athens. These proposals are in response to the Governor’s Energy Highway Blueprint.

The mission of the Athens Citizens Development Committee is to maintain and protect the existing quality of life in Athens. To ensure that development occurs in a appropriate manner and is compatible with the small town identity of the community while contributing substantially to the economic base.

The Committee is concerned with the five proposals before the NYS Public Service Commission which would affect Athens. These proposals are from:

  • West Point Partners, LLC
  • North American Transmission
  • NextEra Energy Transmission
  • New York Transmission Owners
  • Boundless Energy NE

The Committee recognizes that the Town and Village of Athens has filed for party status with the Public Service Commission for the above proposals. However, the most invasive proposal is from West Point Partners, LLC which would result in a buried DC line that would negatively impact the residential and historic district in the Village of Athens.  The Committee asks that the Town and Village of Athens pass a resolution against the proposal by West Point Partners, LLC.

There remains a concern about the lack of information given to the public on the above projects. The Committee would like a concise and transparent model of all five proposals from the NYS Public Service Commission. Due to the amount of confusion with regard to the above projects, the Committee requests that the Public Service Commission holds a public meeting in Athens to explain in detail the cumulative impact of all of the above proposals.

Dated: November 18, 2013 by the Athens Citizens Development CommitteeImage